Belonged to ARTA in 1998
Because I had a good result at Suzuka Racing School previous year and got a title of All Japan Kart Championship FSA Class, I could be belong to ARTA which is Aguri Suzuki's Team.
April 18-19, 1998 Tsukuba Circuit
I got second position at preliminary for starting position for the final in first driving at Tsukuba Circuit. I felt the course was not so difficult because it was compact like Kart course. I had a confidence in getting a good result. At final I failed at the starting and got 7th place in the last.
December 15-16, 1998 Suzuka F3 Joint Test

On December 15, F-Japan special driving was held at Suzuka. On second day, F3 Joint Test, which was sponsored by Japan F3 Association. Though Tomusu(??) and Toda Racing Team who joined Macao GP were not able to take part in due to the delay of admission work, 21 drivers from 15 teams were there.
What attracted people's attention was Dalala's new machine, F399, which was brought by Domu. The looks, adjusted by safety regulation has been used since 1999, was really large, but rigidity of monocock and chassis seem to be extremely high and it got the top time, 2 minutes 65 seconds, by Toshihiro Kaneishi regardless of shakedown. Since Aguri Suzuki was at Domu's pit, ARTA's activity for F3 seems to be done jointly with Domu.
2/4-15, 1999 (The 1st Korea GP)@
I participated in Korea GP held a week after Macao GP as Prema Team of Italy in haste. I drove very carefully considering not to break the car at 1st preliminary. The result was total 18th place. However, this course has many portions that I change a direction by braking like Kart course. I thought it was and decided to do my best for 2nd preliminary. As a result, after I changed new tires at the latter half of session and adjusted front flap slightly, I got the top time in about 3 raps. As a result, I got the top of a group of odd number. At the final, I had troubles in both 1st and 2nd reg., I was in 5th position. The troubles cannot be helped, but I felt I am not so inferior after competing with world veterans. I think I have learned many things from this first expedition, which will lead me to something I can make a progress in 2000. I also thank Mr. Iyogi who has devoted himself into a joint with Prema staff.
Prema Team and One of them is Italian Champion Mr. Sandberg.

August 6, 2000 Zantofurt
I got 5th position which was the best of all Japanese drivers at Marlboro Masters of F3.

Neulbrooklink, 2000.
6th Round was held on August 19 and 20. S. Moock won at 11th event and Kaneishi won at 10th.

47th Macao International Continental F3 Cup, 2000.

The competition got into a tangle until very last race, but I was
able to get my long-awaited title. I appreciate all the fans who have
supported until the last.
July 7-8, 2001 10th Race 1st place at NORISRING circuit. September 8-9, 2001 17th Race 1st place at A1-RING circuit and
became the top of the championship